AN-600A Video Equipment Cart
The AN-600A video equipment cart is a mobile cabinet with interchangeable frames. It is designed to withstand the toughest hospital conditions. It is constructed of 12 gauge stainless steel with TIG welds. The cart glides on large 5" diameter ball baring casters which have effective thread guards, oversized swivel bearings, splash guards and dust seals. And as a safety feature they are non-locking and swivel to allow fuss-free maneuvering.
Other features include: counterweighted frame, cord wraps, hospital grade 6-outlet strips with 15 foot 14-3SJ cord, repositionable fixed shelf and monitor tie down strap.
Overall dimensions are 24" deep, 27" wide and 59" high.
These units may be equipped with sides and locking front and back doors. Other options include: drawers, fixed and sliding shelves, gas tank holders, handles, HD precision bearing swing arm for top monitor, Lazy susan (precision bearing ) for monitor, etc.