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Catalog #
Item Description
AN-111 hangers, brackets, holders, and shelves for any application - designed for your requirements
call for prices
AN-111-2 side bar "sled" for scanner tables, carbon fiber under panel-all tables,all lengths $1867.00 up - call
AN-111-3A Morse manifold holder, to mount on a 1/2" diameter pole $386.80 ea
AN-111-3B Morse manifold holder, mounted on a 14" , 1/2" dia bar $386.80 ea
AN-114 Clamp, OR table equipment hanger bar , holds 1/2" diameter bar, for all table side bars
$165.70 ea
AN-115 Clamp, rotating version of AN-114
$254.40 ea
AN-116 Clamp,Universal, OR table (side bar or AMSCO head end)
$326.00 ea
AN-117 Clamp, rotating version of AN-116
$375.70 ea
AN-119 Digistim holder, IV (or other pole) mount
$193.40 ea
AN-122 Syringe holder, IV (or other) pole mount, 5 specified syringes ($10 each additional)
$160.25 ea
AN-124-30 Straight stainless bar, 30 inch (or specify length)
$36.55 ea
AN-125-1 15" Tranducer or manifold mount bar attached near end of radiolucent plate 11" x 20 1/2" (under or on mat) $276.25 ea
AN-126 Offset or "Z" Bar, 1/2" dia stainless, 4" x 6" x 7 1/2" , or specify
$63.65 ea
AN-128 IV poles, 1/2" solid bar, setting & hook type (transport or table) to customer's requirements
$125.10 ea
AN-260 Datascope (or other monitor) mounting brackets and adapters for gurneys, beds, and stands
call for price
AN-300 Anesthesia screen, one side support, adjustable height $204.00 ea
AN-301 Anesthesia screen, clamps on both sides, adjustable wings and width
$475.15 ea
AN-302 Drape/Screen frame for scanner table (no side bars)
$1,988.40 ea
AN-303 Anesthesia tray/screen ("hutch"), 9' x 24" flat surface (use with two OP-181 clamps)
$1,437.90 ea


Drape frame, peripheral (leg) proceedures, radio opaque base inserts under mat (scanner bed)
$414.35 ea
AN-598 Arm Retainer - 17 inches wide, polycarbonate,( common OR use) $120.20 ea
AN-599 Arm retainer, polycarbonate, elbows out, 42" wide, narrows to bed width below arms (under mat) $332.00 ea
AN-600 Drape frame, for neck entry catheter proceedures ("pizza tray") for scanner tables
$248.60 ea
AN-601 Arm retainer - 24 inches wide, 4 safety strap slots near top of vertical edge, polycarbonate
$193.40 ea min 12 units
AN-602 Arm retainer - 7 1/2 inch wide (toboggan),polycarbonate (common OR use)
$98.30 ea
AN-603 Patient Face Shield, clear polycarbonate, 12 1/2" high
$113.40 ea
AN-604 Bronchoscope carts, stainless, multiple configurations , prices range up to $3500.00
AN-604RT Replacement tubes or sheaths for use with our (or other) bronchoscope carts
AN-605 HD version of AN-601, heavier, wider, longer, for morbidly obese patients $342.35 ea, min 6 units
AN-1200 63" long, 2" wide radiolucent hook & loop safety strap, metal loop on one end
$70.50 ea, min 12 units
AN-1201 Arm strap/restraint 50/carton, multiple use (up to 75 X )
AN-1202H Safety restraint, super duty version of above, 8" wide, longer for morbidly obese patients $446.60/ set, min 3 sets
AN-1202R Safety restraint, radiolucent, 6" wide reinforced neoprene , hook/loop attachment
$204.00/ set, min 6 sets
AN-1400 Armboard , American std sidebar (includes Skytron) - 1 1/8" x 3/8" )
$805.70 ea,10 up $760.00ea
AN-1400C-2 Armboard cushion - 2 inch, extended wear (fits ours and other boards)
$103.00 ea, 10 up $98.50 ea
AN-1400C-4 Armboard cushion - 4 inch, extended wear (fits ours and other boards)
$132.50 ea, 10 up $119.80ea
AN-1403 Elevated arm support, adjustable height and "horizontal" angle, used from either side
$1327.00 ea
AN-6041 Tube tree, polycarbonate, adult and pediatric ends
$69.00 ea
OP-100 Hip replacement surgical positioner set
$2,874.00 ea
OP-102 Hip replacement irrigation splash shield (transparent, flash autoclavable) $232.00 ea
OP-148 Clamp, American standard sidebar, heavy duty PATIENT HAND GRIP $331.70 ea
OP-149 Clamp, American standard sidebar,low clearance (necessary on some scanner tables) $332.50 ea
OP- 150 Clamp, sidebar - for use with OP-100 Positioners, accomodates all vertical round bars to 11/16" $425.50 ea
OP-175 Hip replacement drape frame set (longitudinal - head-to-toe) $1,713.00
OP-181 Clamp, used with AN-303 (modification of OP-150) $425.50 ea
OP-220 Lateral knee brace (requires OP-221 bracket) $342.60 ea
OP-221 Bracket, lateral knee brace to table sidebar clamp $152.50 ea
OP-300 Leg "U" holder (sits on top of mat) with captive ratchet height adjustment $524.80 ea
OP-301 Leg "U" holder (sits on top of mat) with pull pin height adjustment $414.60 ea
OP-1500 Hand surgery table, clamps to all OR table side bars, outboard adjustable leg $2,874.00 ea
OR-100 3/32" Nylon covered stainless steel safety cable, 500 ft spool
mkt price (est.$190.00)
OR-101 Safety cable loop crimp sleeve 100/pkg.(stop sleeves, cutting and crimping tools available)
OR-205-1 Esophogotomy "spoon" platform retractor
$316.80 ea
OR-205-2 Smaller esophogotomy "spoon" platform retractor with more angled handle
$316.80 ea
OR-206 Cardiac elevating retractor
$806.00 ea
OR-211-1 Hypermaleable band retractor, 1 1/2" x 13 1/4" or specify size
$125.60 ea min 6 pieces
OR-211-7 Thymectomy or xyphoid retractor - pediatric
$317.00 ea
OR-211-8 Thymectomy or xyphoid retractor - pediatric
$317.00 ea
OR-212-2B Thoracic retractor frame, (Thompson post system) across chest
$1,230.00 ea
OR-214 Costal "myotome" (double ended flat/curved periostial peeler)   
$695.00 ea
OR-700 Instrument carts, caddies, and stands - designed for your requirements
call for price
OR-1480 Mayo stand, heavy duty, ultra stable, jumbo, ( adjust higher from table) tray not included
$827.70 ea, 6 and up $790.40
OR-1480T Tray, for above stand 21" x 25" (largest able to use standard disposable covers)
$214.40 ea
We are designers and manufacturers and will also design to suit. We have extensive mechanical build & repair capability for all areas of the hospital. We are Vendormate credentialed.
*AN-125, AN-600 and OP-1500 can be supplied in carbon fiber composite (quoted on request)