AN-126 Transducer Mount Offset Bar (for use with OR table clamps)


Half inch diameter stainless steel bar used for mounting pressure transducers and other devices to the equipment hanger bar (located on the side of the operating table). The Offset Bar is used in conjunction with an operating room table clamp such as our popular AN 114. The picture on the left is shown with the table clamp AN 114 (clamp is purchased separately).
The transducer holder is mounted on the outboard end of the bar as shown in pictures on left (not included/supplied by transducer manufacturer).

Length top to bottom: (4.5" x (6" offset) x 7")

  • The Offset Bar permits the transducer to be mounted close to the patient but not jammed up against the table.
  • The distance from the operating table is adjustable up to six inches by rotating the Offset Bar in the table clamp.
  • This unit allows for height adjustment when used with the table clamp. For example it may be necessary to adjust for heart level, etc.
  • In some cases this unit may eliminate the clutter of an extra IV pole.
  • If this unit is bumped or hit (using our clamps) it will hold the transducer unit secure but will allow it to rotate on the bar. This system will avoid damaging the transducer and reduces the possibility of bruising your hips and ribs.
  • The ends of the Offset Bar have been rounded to facilitate easy setup and to reduce the chance of injury.
  • Variations in height (up to six inches longer) may be requested at no additional charge. The bar as shown is the most popular size.
  • Straight bars and other configurations may also be requested.
  • A variety of clamps are available to hold these bars. The bar is designed to work with these clamps.
  • IV poles with offsets are also available.