OR-160 Equipment Hanger Rack

The OR-160 has a polished 2 inch wide, ¼ inch thick stainless steel back with four half inch diameter round stainless steel pegs which are curved outward and upward four inches.
The hanger rack pictured on this page is the configuration which is most frequently requested. It is most useful for arm boards, arm retainers, face shields, and many of the other items commonly used in procedure rooms.
This rack is one of the items we offer to promote efficiency gains by stowing equipment out of harms way, yet ready for immediate and easy access. Too often, these considerations are not given the priority they deserve. (Please see more on this aspect under “Guidelines for wall-mounting hangers, racks, and holders…”).


  • Four pegs - half inch diameter round stainless steel rods which are curved outward and upward four inches.
  • The polished pegs have rounded ends.
  • Pegs are inserted through tight holes in the backing bar and are fixed in the back with a deep penetrating circumferential weld (The pegs do not fall off).
  • The backing bar is polished 2 inch wide, ¼ inch thick stainless steel.
  • The edges are rounded, the corners are radiused, and the mounting holes are countersunk with a center spacing of 16 inches (see options).
  • The appropriate mounting hardware will be supplied (i.e. flathead stainless machine screws or # 14 sheet metal screws. (Please see “Guidelines for wall-mounting hangers…”).


  • The most common option does not invoke an extra cost. That is a variation of the center- to-center mounting hole distance, and/or the skewing of them to one side. The illustrated unit actually does fit most applications, but we don’t expect it to fit all. Other configurations will commonly involve shorter racks with fewer pegs or longer racks with additional mounting holes with more pegs or more widely spaced pegs. Closely spaced pegs at a designated position on a bar would make a fork (which could be horizontal except for upturned tips). Some equipment might be more secure resting inserted in a horizontal ring. Please call us to discuss your specific application, if you think another approach might be more suitable.