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AN-604 Bronchoscope Cart
The cart is designed to provide safe storage, instant access and easy use of the flexible bronchoscope in a compact mobile unit. The scope may be kept ready for use in the cart at all times and is only removed for use and cleaning. User hospitals have reported that the use of this cart has nearly eliminated damage to these delicate scopes. The cost savings realized by protecting this equipment has paid for the Bronchoscope Cart in 5 to 7 months.
The scope head is supported by a bracket on top of the cart and the tip rests within a one inch diameter disposable plastic tube. The tube top is exposed and it's body is protected completely within the cart. On the top there is a covered wall which conveniently stores 18 of these tubes. During use and immediately afterwards, the scope is placed into its holder. The cart is then brought to the setup area and both the scope and tube are removed. The tube is then discarded, the scope cleaned, lubricated, placed in a fresh tube and returned to the cart. The unit is then ready for use.
  • All stainless steel construction. The top is 18" x 21 1/2" and is 42" high, which provides a convenient work surface as well as enough height to keep the optical cable from touching the floor.
  • Large 5" diameter ball baring casters. The wheels have effective thread guards and the oversized swivel bearings have splash guards and dust seals. As a safety feature they are non-locking and casters swivel to allow fuss-free maneuvering.
  • Full width handle provides easy control of the cart and protects the cable-to-light source connection.
  • Fifty-five pounds of bottom-mounted counter weight provides extra stability.
  • Sliding shelf for light source (and camera electronics) includes a velcro hold-down strap and foot traps to prevent the units on the shelf from sliding during connection.
  • Supplies drawer - both the shelf and the drawer are suspended on ball baring slides that have a friction lock when closed.
  • Scope holder keeps the unit protected within the body of the cart.
  • Storage well for extra disposable sheaths (covered).
  • Cord wrap on back. There is also a large grommeted 3" diameter cord access hole in the back to facilitate fast interchange of the powered units on the cart.
  • Top mounted wash bottle holder (accommodates a 500 ml. saline solution bottle).
  • Options include a top guard rail, an extra drawer and adaptations for use with a camera and video monitor. The video option includes an elevated monitor shelf with a rear cable guard, foot traps and a hold-down strap, a 16' power cord and four hospital grade electrical outlets flush mounted within the back.