AN-1400 CHS (single), AN-1400 CHD (double), Arm Board Cushion Holder
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These holders have been designed for the safe and convenient storage of arm board cushions. Our customers have reported that the greatest benefit to rapid setup is realized when arm board cushions (and arm boards) are stored on the walls on both sides of the table. This convenience also enhances compliance in their use. We recognize that OR layout and the competing priorities for the use of wall space may make this impractical. For this reason we offer a double unit as well as a single unit. Since it is recommended that each OR have sets of both 4 inch and 2 inch thick cushions, both units will accommodate both sizes. The single unit holds one 4 inch cushion (or two 2 inch cushions). The double unit holds two 4 inch cushions (or two 2 inch cushions).

Cushions are amongst the most easily damaged pieces of support equipment in the OR. Even the most rugged cushion (ours) cannot be expected to hold up in a match with the rolling mechanism of a C-arm X-ray unit. They should be stored off of the floor. Most cushions are filled with open cell foam which acts like a sponge when the foam is exposed. The cushions should be replaced as a matter of course when the covering is damaged. Consider what drips on them. It is highly cost effective to provide safe stowage for the cushions, since it can dramatically lengthen the replacement interval.


  • The units are made of 18 gauge polished stainless steel with no projections on the inside so that the cushions cannot be snagged.
  • The top rim is hemmed to provide good protection and, as with all of our equipment, all corners are carefully ground and polished to protect both the cushion and OR personnel.
  • The units are just under 14 inches high to hold the cushions securely and neatly upright. The bottom had a 1 ½ inch high opening in the front to allow easy cleaning.
  • The double unit has a front-rear divider so that the cushions will not interfere with each other and to keep them upright for a neat appearance.
  • The single unit is 8 ¼ inches wide and the double unit is 15 inches wide.
  • Both units mount with four fasteners. The appropriate mounting hardware will be supplied (i.e. pan head stainless steel ¼ -20 machine screws or #14 sheet metal screws. Please see (“Guidelines for wall mounting hangers…”).
  • Determine the construction of the walls on which these units are to be hung so that the proper unit and fasteners can be furnished see (“Guidelines for wall mounting…holders…”). For some circumstances, it might be desirable to use adapting “stretcher” backing bars and we will help you with their specifications so that we can furnish them (again, see “Guidelines…”). If the double unit is to be mounted to two studs which have 16 inch centers, you may request that it be furnished with wide side flanges (total width of the unit would be 16 ¾ inches).
  • We have also furnished holders of an analogous construction for mounting on a wall, the side of a mobile cabinet, or on an IV pole. Some have incorporated a hook beneath the holder for a cord or a cable. These have been for the stowage of foot pedals, control pendants, and other devices.
  • Please don’t hesitate to consult us about those other problem items that always seem to be underfoot.