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  • Designing and re-designing products that work in a tough, demanding hospital environment.
  • Our products are built to last. Most of our products are guaranteed for five years.
  • Our products are better because we listen to you, the hospital staff, the people who actually use these products.
space All of BioMediCon's products are designed in specific response to customers' requests. These products are often developed when operating room doctors, nurses or technicians find problems with existing equipment. By working closely with hospitals and analyzing their complaints, BioMediCon has developed a number of improved products. Everything we manufacture is designed by working with the people in the operating room who will be working with our equipment. Our products have been characterized as the solid nuts and bolts behind the operating table support equipment.

The Bronchoscope Cart is an example of how a product was designed to address an original oversight. The flexible bronchoscope is a universally used lifesaving instrument (ranging in cost from $7,000 to 26,000). As good as this product is, very little thought was given to the logistics of it's deployment. The general practice was to lay the bronchoscope out on several instrument tables and move it to the patient for use, and then store it away in a case when not in use. When this product was being moved on and off tables and in and out of it's case the scope was often dropped due to the snagging of the umbilical cords. The repair costs that resulted from these falls were so costly that a new design was needed.
BioMediCon designed the Bronchoscope Cart to both store and keep the instrument ready for instant use.

Bronchoscope Cart
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